Need Your Website Hosting?

Left in the lurch by those big companies that only think of you as a number and whats best for their shareholders

I’m just a guy looking to offer a good personal service in exchange for a pitance really considering I’ve got 3 kids who always need shoes!

Why is it kids seem to need so many shoes?

So on with the stuff you’re here for….


Stellar UK Based Support

If I do say so myself!

Get hold of me 24 hrs a day


Cpanel Hosting

Industry leading hosting control panel powered hosting


Fixed, Low Cost

Lock in Your Pricing


Account Protection

Every account is individual, protecting your files.


Free SSL Certificate

free fully trusted 256-bit SSL Certificate as standard


SSD flash based storage


LiteSpeed Cache

For Lightning fast WordPress


Unlimited Email accounts


Four-hourly Off-site Backups


Automatic malware/virus scanning


Frequently asked questions

My WordPress runs slow on my current host

My hosting runs on the Lightspeed web server and a server side cache plugin which are well Lightspeed ahead of the rest.

My current Host says I’m using to many resources

Now this situation arises when either you or your current host are being an asshole!

99% of the time it’s not you and if you are the 1% you’ll already know and I’LL TELL YOU!

Can I break the law using your hosting?

Seriously I have been asked this question in the past so I’ll just leave this here so I don’t get asked again. NO NO NO

Bit skint this month can I have it on the never never?

Seriously my kids need shoes!!! NO NO NO

What billing cycles do you offer?

Monthly or Yearly

I need an older version of php

You’re Welcome! Just tell me what you need and I’ll set up your hosting with that version

Is your hosting UK based?


Can you offer ‘unlimited space’?


The only way companies can do that is if they oversell their servers.

Slowing down everybodys website in the process.

I’m not that guy I provide a good service for a reasonable price.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal so everything really.

Can I install software into my account?

It’s cpanel hosting like all the others out there you can install web based tech on it and run it as long as you’re not breaking the law.


Always know what you’ll pay.







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